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Michelle Shelton, Designated Broker

"One thing I know firsthand, unskilled real estate brokers and sales agents sabotage your real estate experience." -Michelle Shelton

Lost money, legal exposure, stress…and time, which translates into your life.

I think avoiding the stress of a bad real estate experience not only saves you thousands of dollars but it saves you the one thing you cannot get back…time. Time = your life.

As a long-time active real estate broker, I’ve seen it all.

In addition, I’ve personally sold hundreds of Arizona homes and horse properties in the last few decades. Each client is unique and deserves personalized knowledge. Even more so with Arizona horse property.

Basically, on a day to day basis I see how some other Realtors do business. Quite frankly. It worries me. The legal exposure is high. In turn, their clients are losing money and time. Not all of them of course but then entry level is low to get your license. This translates to lack of knowledge and experience.

The worst part?  They don’t know what they don’t know. They aren’t evil or mean. They simply can’t ward off problems they don’t see. Once the see them? Then it is too late. They are up to their eyeballs in it. And I mean “in it”. 

However, what do most people do? Most people white knuckle through it and give a heavy sigh of relief once it’s complete.

What do they have to show for it? A  tangled web of horror stories, lost money and broken promises. 

Dang. That’s harsh. 

As the truth often is.

You may as well find out now. I’m not a sugar coater. I mean, I’m not a jerk, I simply don’t have time for babying grown adults. I think you are capible of handing truth.

Obviously, I enjoy people. I get along with people. I also value your money, time and mental health and overall I want to be honest with you. 

What can our Clients Expect?

Our clients experience real estate by design. It’s quite different. Our clients walk away feeling empowered, smart and grateful.  

Verses victimized, stupid and well, quite frankly, screwed. Rather, if you like getting screwed, feeling stupid and playing the victim, then cool. You do you.

Since you are here, I’m thinking you don’t. You want a different kind of real estate experience. In that case, you will want to work with Your Life Real Estate Team. 

How do we do it? What’s so different?
  1. People. Not just any people. Extremely smart people. Caring people. Conscientious people.
  2. Systems. Not just any systems. Customized by smart, caring, and conscientious people. 
  3. Step by step processes. It’s very difficult to go somewhere if you don’t create a plan, a vision, a process. So we did that. We know how to get you there easily.

A similar example, if you want to go on vacation, you don’t just drive to the airport and jump on a plane to wherever, do you? 

Undoubtedly, I know you said you don’t. Otherwise, I don’t think we would be a good fit. And that is okay too. I get I’m not for everyone.

Once you think we are a good fit, what’s next?  

If you are a Potential seller take these steps: 

Step 1: Download our Hidden Profits Method. It’s my proven signature system for sellers to consistently net more money on the sale of their home or horse property.

Step 2: Schedule some time for me to look at your home here 

If you are a Potential Buyer take these steps: 

Step 1: Submit your Intake

Step 2: Self-Schedule your Buyer Consult – The Home Buyer Workshop is free. Easy. Online. It’s really a no-brainer. 

Hesitant to take the steps? Let’s talk.  Grab a phone call here or text me at 480-577-8272.  If you need a night or weekend time let me know and we will find something for you. 

If you are ready to create an amazing real estate experience, the team and I are here to help you…Let’s do this!

Eva Marie Palmisano
Eva Marie Palmisano
Purchasing a home as an out-of-state buyer was seamless with the help and guidance of Emma was an experience that everyone should have! Emma and her team exceeded all of our expectations in finding the perfect home for our daughter, she was diligent and informative, every step of the way! To say that she went above and beyond would be an understatement. We are so thankful for you Emma. ❤️
Janice Courtois
Janice Courtois
The ‘dynamic duo’, Michelle and Emma, gave us a home-selling experience like no other! From the very first meeting, we were so impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm. Throughout the entire process, they communicated professionally with timelines and expectations, so there were no surprises. We received a full-price offer within 3 days of listing, mostly due to the advice that Michelle and Emma gave us to prepare our home for selling. We followed their instructions to a tee and had a successful outcome. The marketing was phenomenal; from their YouTube channel to the fun ‘horse property’ signs. The best part of this team was that they anticipated and resolved all concerns and questions before we even had a chance to worry. If you are looking for a realty team who are experts in the field and are genuinely concerned about your satisfaction, then look no further!
Lourdes Angulo
Lourdes Angulo
This team is amazing to work with. They kept us informed on everything and the whole process of selling our house. They are always willing to work out issues to make things right.
Kerr Wei
Kerr Wei
Michelle and Emma are great! If you’re looking for agents you can trust look no further. Always willing to help and very educated in the horse property market.
Tena Sharp
Tena Sharp
Wow, where do I start? I can't say enough good things about Michelle and her daughter Emma. They are an excellent team. In this housing market and throughout the process. they have been very helpful and informative. Michelle knows the business in and out. Emma made the process enjoyable and answered all of our questions. We would definately recommend this team!
Julia Spain
Julia Spain
Michelle is professional, compassionate, and trustworthy. She understands the importance of buying a home and treats you with respect. Michelle and her whole team are truly exceptional.
Jay B Jennings
Jay B Jennings
I have known Michelle for almost 20 years and during that time she has exemplified intelligence, professionalism, humor and trust. I love that she’s thorough and follows through to the nth degree. A straight shooter that strives for everybody winning.
Erika Madsen
Erika Madsen
Michelle is truly a consummate professional in the Greater Phoenix Real Estate market & her ability to help clients craft their next move is unmatched. Michelle and her team work extensively to remain educated on market trends, which allows her to consistently excel at contract negotiation. She also regularly holds high level board positions as an industry leader. It is in Michelle's blood to always protect her clientele with a high degree of skill & care while tossing in some flair for fun! You won't regret contacting Michelle to discuss any Real Estate question you may have, she will take the time to share all of your options with you so you can make the best decision for you!
Heather Satran
Heather Satran
We had the absolute pleasure of working with Michelle Shelton 4 years ago. We were relocating to AZ from OR and did not have an agent. Of course we had 3 horses, so we easily found Michelle by Google as a top notch realtor for horse property. We sure scored!! We spoke with her prior, flew in, met her and she had so many places lined up for us and best of all, she is a true gem. We instantly hit in off and of course 4 days later found our dream horse property that marked all the boxes. Fast forward to 4 years later and it was time to sell, so who did we call, Michelle Shelton. This time, we were double blessed because her daughter Emma Shelton was now a realtor as well. Their experience, expertise and knowledge of the market was so successful, our house sold within weeks. We could not have been happier with our sale price and our business dealings with Michelle and Emma. We have gained lifetime friends with these fabulous ladies!
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