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Arizona Real Estate | Arizona Horse Property & Homes

Arizona Real Estate | Arizona Horse Property & Homes

Who buys Horse Property

Unique Selling Value of your Home

There are several types of people who own AZ horse property and homes with land. When you are an AZ home seller looking to sell your home, you will want to know that you have found a real estate agent that will market to and understand the unique selling value of your home.

An AZ Home Seller may have a Difficult time Marketing Horse Property

An AZ Home Seller will need a strong marketing plan geared toward horse property buyers. Getting your home the exposure it needs will take some mad marketing skills. Our horse property marketing plan will reach the masses of people and support you, the AZ home seller, maximum exposure both online and off. We do not do blanket marketing to home buyers, we offer niche marketing for horse property sellers. If you are an AZ home seller looking to sell you will also appreciate the high communication our team has with you during the process. High communication is important when you are selling your home, no matter if it a horse property or not. Michelle always says her high communication is great for the AZ home seller, maybe not so great for her husband!

Avondale Horse Property for Sale

An AZ Home Seller will want to know what type of Home Buyer is Looking for their Home?

If you have a horse property you are looking to sell as an AZ home seller, there are roughly seven types of horse property buyers looking for these types of homes in Arizona. It is the key to understanding the various unique features you, the AZ home seller, may have that will attract the right buyer. Michelle will often run into real estate agents who, though great real estate agents, don’t know the first thing about Arizona horse property or what it takes to highlight the benefits that unique home buyer you are looking to attract.

What are the Eight Types of Home Buyers looking for Arizona Horse Property?

1. Horse Lovers. The true horse lovers who ride horses and show horses are the first type of home buyer for AZ horse properties. These home buyers know exactly what they want in an Arizona horse property. They are horse breeders, horse trainers, ropers, or they are into team penning. They may show horses and run in the equestrian circles and be involved in dressage, reining or other types of arena events.

These equestrian lovers love a well-lit arena to ride and play with the horses at night. They often look for green pastures for their horses to graze and safe, solid fencing. A barn with an office and comfortable, well laid out stalls are a must! Keeping the horses comfortable, cool, and clean is of the highest priority.  Horse lovers take great care and pride in their horses and will often want to know where the nearest equine vet and feed store is.

Horse lovers also include the novice horseback rider. They want to ride themselves or have family members or kids that want to ride horses and compete in Gymkhana. The novice may not know much about horses or horse property but they are attentive and quick learners and often want to talk to the owner about irrigation, areas to ride their horses, and fly control. All of these horse property owners want to buy anywhere from one to ten acres.

2. Animal Lovers. The second type of AZ horse property an AZ home seller will encounter is the home buyer who wants other animals. These are the folks who want the full farm experience. They may or may not have children. When they do, they want their children to experience the farm and raise goats, chickens, and perhaps a garden. Some of these home buyers will get a horse eventually or at least they want the option. They are looking at your property as more of the future potential to have animals rather than already having animals. It is a new experience to these home buyers and they are excited to visualize raising a beef calf, chickens, and getting fresh eggs and having their friends over to see their baby goat. These homebuyers don’t really care if there is a full horse setup or barn and are often thrilled if there are a simple shade and a chicken coop. They like the idea of pens for animals that they envision having in the future. These horse property buyers tend to want one half to one-acre max.

3. The Beautiful Home Lovers – These are the home buyers that tend to want more in life. These home buyers want a large home and a large lot. They like the ability to park nice cards and have an amazing swimming pool. They don’t care if there is a horse set up or they are looking for a large lot. Quite often they don’t want pens and don’t mind having them removed if they are there. They like living in the country away from the city and they like the quiet pace of county living. Many of them will have the nicest home on the block and will keep their home in perfect condition. These buyers don’t want to be too close to the neighbors and tend to keep more to themselves. The quiet peaceful life of horse property ownership is what is most attractive to this buyer. Between one and two and a half acres is the typical lot size these buyers want.

4. The Playful Homeowner who Loves FUN – Home buyers that love to work hard and play hard tend to have toys! These home buyers often work from home and own their own businesses. They have ATVs, boats, RVs, trailers, campers, and motorcycles. These Arizona horse property home buyers often tend to know exactly what they want and are ready to buy when they see it. They don’t want to waste time and they like to have fun. A great entertainment center in the backyard with a built-in BBQ, next to the pool, is always attractive to this buyer.  They like big homes, big pools, luxury items. These home buyers want to have the nicest home on the block and they want a big yard that is well landscaped to protect their toys and maintain security. If you have a gated home they can park behind, this is attractive!  They buy this type of home to avoid HOA’s and restrictions and will often look for a home on a County Island. They don’t want to keep their toys in off-site storage. RV parking garages and big outbuildings hold a lot of charm and if an AZ home seller has their home next to a large open space where they can ride ATVs, they are hooked! They tend to look for as much land as they can get and will focus on two to five acres.

5. Construction Workers. The construction workers want to be able to park their trucks and store stuff, plain and simple. Work trucks, tools, and building material must be safe on the property. They like to be able to park behind walls with gates or have a large barn where they can store things. These homebuyers include everyone from plumbers, landscapers, concrete contractors, and builders.  As for the size of land as an AZ home seller if you have right under one acre or anything above in their price range they are happy.

6. Lovers of Less Government want No HOA. The no homeowners association buyers typically come from back east or the Midwest. They often move into a single-family neighborhood and then quickly find they don’t want to be controlled by an HOA. They don’t like being told what they can and can’t do with and around their home. They also feel too confined to live in a traditional neighborhood on a small lot and they often want a half an acre or larger. They don’t always look for horse property ad tend to look for properties that have a lot size of 15,000 or larger. An acre is 43,560 square feet and this can be too much land for the no HOA buyer.

7. Space Lovers who want Elbow Room – The elbow room buyers in Arizona are very similar to the no homeowners association home buyer except, hey don’t care if their new property has an HOA or not. As a matter of fact, they will lean toward homes that actually do have homeowners association because they like the more polished look of the neighborhood. If you are an AZ home seller that owns this type of property you will have a love of privacy and just want to be left alone for the most part. You lead a quiet, simple life and keep to yourself for the most part. A good, responsible neighbor who keeps your property looking nice and you expect your neighbors to do the same. These responsible citizens like a buffer between them and their neighbors. These home buyers like big trees and they have no intention of having animals of any kind other than maybe a dog or cat. A modest home on a half an acre or even up to an acre and a quarter is perfect for them.

8. Home Based Business. An AZ home seller can expect to have home buyers that view their property that will ask about the rules of the CC & R’s or HOA if there is one. These tend to be the home buyers looking to use the property as a home-based business. They like having an office and large garage or some type of guest house that they can use for their business and keep it separate from the rest of the house. If their business includes stocking of inventory they often look for barns and other outbuildings that can be used as storage. Some home-based business buyers want higher visibility and if as an AZ home seller, you have a home on a busy street, this will attract this type of buyer who is looking for traffic. We have had home buyers looking to kennel dogs or breed and board horses so that would fall under the other type of animal home buyer. These buyers often look for a standard acre.

Do I Need to Hire an AZ Horse Property Specialist to Market and Sell my Home?

Yes! Any real estate agent licensed in Arizona can sell your horse property and they don’t have to be horse people to sell Arizona horse property, and they don’t have to ride horses to sell Arizona horse property. These real estate agents don’t have to own a horse either. The differences are going to be where and how they market your property and the number of bumps you have along the course of your escrow when you do get it under contract. Do they know when to order the septic inspection? Do they know they must have a septic inspection? How about the septic certification? Do they know anything about wells? If you have more than 4 properties on a well often time you need to make sure the lender will be able to offer to finance on that home. A shared well agreement is always a must in this situation. This is something I have a conversation with the buyer’s agent about BEFORE we accept a contract on your home. I like to ward off problems before they occur if possible. This is the kind of stuff that an average agent doesn’t need to know to sell your Arizona horse property but it they do, it makes for a smooth transaction. This is just a small example of the things a horse property specialist will know as opposed to someone who doesn’t specialize in AZ horse property. The other way around is no problem. As a matter of fact, we have many people who want to buy AZ horse property and sell their single-family home and we are able to help them with that AND often home sellers will want to sell their horse property and downsize to a single-family home with less work. We do a high number of those types of transactions too.

What makes Horse Property Worth more on an Appraisal than a Single Family Home?

When selling your home, a buyer, if they are getting a loan, will need to have an appraisal done. An appraisal is an opinion of value based on recent activity in and around your area. With Arizona horse property the appraisal process can be a bit more tricky than your normal cookie-cutter home where every other home is the same.

First, let’s make it clear that I am not an appraiser. I don’t claim to be one, I don’t want to be one. I could not do what they do. What I do know is that value is a perception based on knowledge. If the appraiser doesn’t know anything about what a horse owner values, they will not give it much value. I have a horse property appraisal packet that outlines all the unique items a horse property buyer would value and why. There is no manipulation to this…it is supporting the appraiser in information he could find on his own if he wanted to spend days searching. I guess for the small amount they make on each property, they are not going to do that so I make their job as easy as possible. It is my job to show them how I priced your home to get it sold and how I got it under contract at the price I did.

If your home has a barn, shade, arena, lights, round pens, hot walkers, access to trail riding, bridle paths, tack room, or extra land….the appraiser will know about it and why it is important. Another key selling point I point out to appraisers is the fact that a property is irrigated or not. If it is, I let them know with whom and how much it cost to irrigate the amount of land you have. Some irrigation companies are quite expensive and may not be as attractive to a buyer as a less expensive one. If there are mountains and mountain views in addition to desert riding close by, this may not be something an appraiser would know and it could be highly desirable to a horse owner that wants to trail ride without having to trailer out.

Some appraisers will not give value to the extra land property may have because it doesn’t really have any value unless it can be split. This might be true in a single-family subdivision but to a horse owner, every bit of land is highly valued. The more the better!

Low Inventory Drives Prices Up!

If you are looking to sell your home in Arizona you have come to the right place! If you are thinking of selling your home, we can help!

Our inventory is short and we need listings. This is a great time to sell because the entire Phoenix area is low on home inventory and especially AZ horse property! Call today and I will personally come out and walk your property and let you know what I think we can get it sold for and how long it will take. I can show you our marketing plan and will roll up my sleeves and go to work for you! When we work together, we will get your home SOLD.

The opportunity to earn your business is highly valued!

About Michelle


Michelle Shelton

Michelle Shelton is the owner and Designated Broker of Life Real Estate. She is the 2020 Vice-Chair and 2019 Treasurer of the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) and serves on the Board of Directors with Arizona Association of REALTORS® as well as West and Southeast REALTORS® of the Valley. Michelle is also on the Rules Committee at ARMLS and serves on various task forces for ARMLS. As treasurer, she was the 2019 Chair of the Audit Committee. Michelle is active in raising the bar in the real estate industry as a whole. She has a passion for people and the rights of homeowners.
Michelle is a top producing REALTOR® in the state of Arizona.

As a Public Speaker and Writer, she has written for various magazine and trade publications and speaks Nationwide regarding the loss of her son, grief, and emotional health.

She is a Certified Negotiations Expert, Master Practitioner of NLP, and has attended Accredited Buyer classes and is a real estate instructor with Internal Dynamics Real Estate School.

Michelle enjoys time with her husband and family, Farm animals, writing, gardening, reading, and is a huge fan of personal growth.

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