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Why don’t more AZ Homes have Basements?

Phoenix has a very shallow frostline. This means the footing is approximately 18″ deep when building a house. Digging deeper increases the building costs. The Phoenix metro also has caliche soil as well as rocky soil making it more complicated to dig. There are some homes that have basements in the Phoenix area.

What is the Downside of Living in a Maricopa County Island?

Internet is typically satellite (not highspeed like Private fire service which a subscription is paid separate (Rural Metro) Private trash (neighbors all have different companies and trash is out all the time) No bulk trash No recycling Roads are not maintained When you call 911 you speak to county as opposed to city

AZ Septic Tank Laws

The On-Site Wastewater Addendum is a form Arizona REALTORS use when selling your home. It is a licensed form and not available to anyone who isn’t a Realtor. This form is between the buyer and seller and outlines who pays for the transfer fee as well as who is responsible to fix the septic if it does not pass inspections with a certified inspector.

What cities have flood irrigation?

Many cities around Phoenix offer flood irrigation. Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Florence all offer flood irrigation. Also in the west valley, Peoria, Glendale, Buckeye and Phoenix offer it.

Is living on a Maricopa County Island bad?

In real estate there is no good or bad. It depends on what you want. Some people like less government intervention and involvement of a county island. Others want city services as opposed to county services.

What is a Maricopa County Island?

Maricopa County is a huge county. Many cities have bought land from the county as they grew and some areas didn’t make sense to purchase at the time. Many of these were horse friendly neighborhoods. The city bought the land around these creating a Maricopa County Island.

Do all horse properties have septic tanks?

Yes and no. Most horse properties in Arizona have septic tanks but it is important to get someone knowledgeable because some horse property neighborhoods are on public sewer.

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