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subterranean termites

Subterranean termites in Arizona homes

subterranean termitesArizona has termites. They can be a common thing REALTORS see when showing homes. I have seen termite tubes coming out of the light sockets, hanging from the walls, and hanging down from the ceiling. Termites are very, very common in Arizona and because I am from Nebraska, they sort of reminded me of Nebraska state workers. There was always one digging while four others stood and watched. These are termites in Arizona. One chews and the others watch. That’s a joke. I tell you this because termites are nothing to freak out about in Arizona. We don’t tent the home. They put some stuff around your house. I saw stuff because I don’t really know what it is but it stops the little buggers. Most of the time if you have concrete around your home, the termite people will drill holes to put the “stuff” in and kill the termites. They need to be treated but they are not aggressive.  Keep in mind, this does not mean they cannot do damage. I stress, they must be treated in order to protect your home. Also, you will probably have them again so a termite warranty is a good thing to purchase to keep the treatments going.

How do I know we have termites?

When you are buying a home it is best to have it inspected. A licensed inspector will come and check out the foundation, closets, walls, and ceilings of your home. Some home inspectors are certified termite inspectors and they have an opportunity to keep an eye open for termites while inspecting your home.

How Did I Get Subterranean Termites?

Subterranean termites live beneath the soil around your home. They enter through wood that touches the ground and has contact with your home or by building mud tubes in the ground where the infestation occurs. Foundations made of hollow blocks and cracks in concrete can also give these pests a path to your home. Sometimes people think if they have a block home they won’t get termites. This is not true and it is recommended that you inspect a block home the same way you would a stick-built home. Flower beds and vines or trees touching your home along with a water source or leaking pipes are gateways for termites. Talk to a professional to fully understand what you can do to prevent subterranean termites in Arizona.

How Do I Get Rid of Subterranean Termites?

Most termite companies will come and give you a written plan of action to treat your termites. If you are really infested they may spray inside. Keep in mind that normal pest control will not stop termites. They have a special type of poison that paralyzes their jaw so they can no longer chew. I know it sounds horrible but allowing termites to damage your property is much worse.

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