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Arizona Real Estate | Arizona Horse Property & Homes

Smart Sellers Work with Smart REALTORS

Smart sellers work with smart REALTORS and know and understand that the REALTOR® you hire can make all the difference in your transaction. Everything from marketing to how they communicate and negotiate.

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Some questions to ask when interviewing agents. Smart sellers hire smart agents!

Where and how do you market?

Marketing is important, it is part of the listing agent’s job. Exposure to the masses. With horse property of course you want exposure to the masses but what about horse people? In our marketing we don’t limit you to just the horse property niche or just blanket marketing, we do both and we have been for years! If you google Michelle Shelton or Arizona horse property, you will find us dominating the web. That means it’s easy for folks to find us and in turn to find you. I do all my own webwork and know how to put you in front of the right buyers. We have been marketing with video for years and have a professional videographer. Our videographer is the same one who does all the high-end marketing for Paradise Valley and Scottsdale luxury homes. By now you know, smart sellers work with smart REALTORS.

Correct pricing is important

I have run into REALTORS® who throw out high prices in order to get the seller to list with them. This practice hurts us all because if you, as the seller, bite on it, your home sits and you have to learn the hard way that you were misguided. I’m all about pushing the price on a property but we become partners and strategize on ways to get you more money. I walked away from a listing one time because a REALTOR told a man his home was worth $650,000 when in reality it was worth $375,000. The sad truth is it took nearly 12 months for him to chip away and get down to the $375,000 mark and by that point, people thought something was wrong with the house and wouldn’t even look at it. It ended up closing at $325,000 so that man lost $50,000 by going with this misguidance.  I took a listing one time that was priced at $549,900. It had been on the market with two different agents for over 18 months. I told the seller we would add photos of the canal so people could see they could ride off the property and feature it in various horse property sites and publications BUT I wanted to raise the price. He gave me major pushback on it and said it had been sitting at that price for months and to raise the price would be crazy. I have a pricing secret that works. Most agents don’t know about it so ask me when we meet because we raised the price and sold his home in 7 days.

Does your REALTOR see the value of your property and can they take a stand for it?

If your REALTOR thinks you are priced too high, they won’t be able to sell your home. If they happen to get it under contract because even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while, can they justify it to an appraiser? When you see what I have come up with to justify the price and work with the appraiser, you will be blown away. My properties don’t appraise low. They just don’t because of this secret strategy.

What do you expect from your REALTOR?

There are hundreds of moving parts in any given real estate transaction. The number one thing we are known for is our ability to connect and have our clients back. We become foxhole buddies and protect your interests. We are in it together.  To us, it’s not just business, it’s personal. This is your home. This is where you live your life. We want to be able to understand your expectations so we can either see from the beginning that we are not a good match or step into those expectations and bring you an amazing experience.

The Team Concept

Lastly, our sellers see how hard we work but we also want to work smart. One person cannot do it all. I am like the surgeon in the operating room, you want me there because I know exactly when and where to cut but there are a lot of other people setting up the room and making sure we keep you safe. You will have a personal Listing Coordinator you will meet with and go over everything that is important to you. They will guide and educate you as well. The good news it is my daughter, Emma Shelton, who had worked with me and around me for years and she is my mini. If you are even remotely considering selling your home and you would like to meet with us, please know, we are here to support you. We go on appointments daily and if it isn’t the right time or you simply are gathering information to be more informed about your options in the future, we would love to interview with you. There is no arm twisting or obligation to us, we want to earn your business when the time is right for YOU. You can visit our brokerage site at

Tell Us about the Home you want to sell

We do not sell, trade, share or partake in any crummy behavior like that. We also don’t telemarket and won’t start calling you non-stop after you submit this form. We will call and discuss the details of what you are looking to do and see if we both think it is a good partnership. I’m excited to talk to you! -Michelle.

About Michelle


Michelle Shelton

Michelle Shelton is the owner and Designated Broker of Life Real Estate. She is the 2020 Vice-Chair and 2019 Treasurer of the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) and serves on the Board of Directors with Arizona Association of REALTORS® as well as West and Southeast REALTORS® of the Valley. Michelle is also on the Rules Committee at ARMLS and serves on various task forces for ARMLS. As treasurer, she was the 2019 Chair of the Audit Committee. Michelle is active in raising the bar in the real estate industry as a whole. She has a passion for people and the rights of homeowners.
Michelle is a top producing REALTOR® in the state of Arizona.

As a Public Speaker and Writer, she has written for various magazine and trade publications and speaks Nationwide regarding the loss of her son, grief, and emotional health.

She is a Certified Negotiations Expert, Master Practitioner of NLP, and has attended Accredited Buyer classes and is a real estate instructor with Internal Dynamics Real Estate School.

Michelle enjoys time with her husband and family, Farm animals, writing, gardening, reading, and is a huge fan of personal growth.

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