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Septic Tank Pumping Phoenix – Michelle explains

Septic Tank Pumping Phoenix is a dirty job! In Arizona real estate, a seller is required to have their septic tank pumped and inspected. It is not recommended that it is done until 10 days prior to close of escrow because it must be done six months months before close of escrow. If you pump too soon and it takes a few months to get your home sold or if you get it under contract and it falls out of escrow, you will be paying for it to be certified again. Septic tank pumping Phoenix can be rather expensive if repairs are required. There are certain things that can be done to protect your system. Add baker’s yeast, yogurt or you can also buy a product called Rid-X that is specifically designed for septic tanks

Locating a Septic Tank – Septic Tank Pumping Phoenix

Sometimes an owner may not know where a septic tank is located because a home is passed on through a family member or other reasons. That’s okay! A reputable septic company can find your tank so you can get it pumped and certified. A camera is often sent down the toilet to record where the septic is and it can be tracked this way so you don’t need to worry about trying to find it.

Septic Tank Repairs – Septic Tank Pumping Phoenix

If repairs are required, they are paid for by the seller. Sometimes people want to know why septic systems fail. Sometimes they simply break down over time but there are things you can do to prevent the type of failure that could require repairs. Planting trees, shrubs or plants on top of your septic tank is a very bad idea. Roots will seek out water and if there is a way to break through the pipes or septic system, roots will do this and break your system. Taking care of your system and having it pumped and maintained every three years is recommended.

On-Site Wastewater Addendum – Septic Tank Pumping Phoenix

When you receive an offer, your agent will advise you (hopefully) that an On-Site Waste Water Addendum must be included as part of the contract. This will outline who is to pay the Septic Transfer Fee of the property upon recording. This fee is $50.00 in Arizona and not a huge expense. As a seller you are required to give the buyer any current document you have on your septic system.

Septic Pumping Companies in Arizona

If you are using the companies we recommend to pump your septic tank,  you will not be required to fill out any paperwork as this will be completed by the company. If you have more than one septic system, you must have each tank inspected even if you do not use it.

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