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Maricopa County Island, what is it?

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County Island? What is that?

Although the word “island” may make it sound exotic, it really isn’t. In the Phoenix area, it is highly likely there are palm trees, but it is not likely there will be clear blue water lapping up on the sand.

Maricopa is the main county in the Phoenix area. And the main county is huge. Maricopa County has nearly five million residents. This is according to the County Quick Facts page on their website.

How did Phoenix Cities Form County Islands?

Phoenix has had phenomenal growth. In Phoenix we have a plethora of farmland and open desert. At least we used too.  As the city completely surrounded these unincorporated, excluded areas, these areas became known as County Islands. Many of these county islands have a farm feel to them but not all of them. For example, Tonopah, Sun Lakes, Rio Verde, New River Sun City and Sun City West are all considered County Island.

On the bottom of our Maricopa County Horse Property page, I have a detailed list of the pitfalls of living on a County Island. And quite frankly, there are a few. Enough to seriously consider if it is what you want. I personally lived on a county island in Gilbert for years and then the Town of Gilbert annexed us. A few things changed. For the good in my opinion. For example, I now have Cox high speed Internet. Yay.

This video is helpful to understand some of the concerns.

Maricopa County Island and Arizona Horse Property

The good news is, a county island in Arizona can be a great thing for horse property owners! In Arizona there are a lot of different areas that have horse properties available to home buyers.

Often a County Island is something people have heard of, except they really don’t know what it is. We hope to address that here so you know exactly what a County Island is and you understand what it means to you as an Arizona Horse property buyer.

Most of Phoenix is located in Maricopa County. It is one of the largest counties in the United States. Many times a home can be located in “Gilbert” or “Chandler” by address and not really be part of the city. I live in Gilbert. My home used to be on a County Island until Gilbert annexed it. Now we enjoy Gilbert city services such as bulk trash and regular trash pickup.

Property Owners Protest Annexation.

Some homeowners protest annexation. They want to live on a County Island. These homeowners protest to the government intervention. They want no part of an HOA.

Additionally, when the government changes from county to city or town, the rules change. Homeowners protest the changes. They don’t want the government to tell them how to live. Oftentime this means forced to clean up their property and pay higher taxes.

Where are the County Islands in Maricopa County?

There are many county islands in Maricopa County.  Some of these areas are rural and some are not.

City of Mesa and County Island Map

Queen Creek has a similar map for county islands. The Unincorporated areas of Queen Creek are in light gray.
City of Queen Creek and County Island Map

Gilbert County Island Map

You can visit our AZ horse property Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about Arizona horse property.


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