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Arizona Real Estate | Arizona Horse Property & Homes

Arizona Real Estate | Arizona Horse Property & Homes

Search Phoenix Real Estate by City

You might also like viewing Phoenix Real Estate by viewing all Homes for Sale in ARMLS. 

Phoenix Real Estate
Phoenix Arizona Skyline

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When searching for Phoenix Arizona real estate it is difficult to know the best place to search for homes.  

Hi I’m Michelle Shelton. Our website is a work in progress but, I built it myself and want to make it easy for folks to see Phoenix property the way they want to search.

Phoenix Arizona real estate is broken down by city and types of properties. For example Arizona horse properties, golf properties in Arizona, Waterfront Homes and Adult Communities. 

You are also searching directly in the FlexMLS system that Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service provides. 

What is Different about ARMLS Searches?

Most people go to Zillow or Realtor but those sites pull from the Arizona Regional MLS (ARMLS).  Michelle pays for a service with FlexMLS to directly connect to ARMLS so you can search Phoenix realty and drill in on the area or city you want to buy and sell a home.

The difference between searching ARMLS for Phoenix realty and a 3rd party site such as Zillow, Redfin or Realtor, is ARMLS is the original source for Phoenix real estate. Real-time updates give you the most recent listings available.  

In addition to real-time updates, there is a data integrity department that monitors Realtor behavior and will fine members if they don’t follow the rules. Although there are many rules, one is that Realtors have to change the status of a property from “active” to “under contract” within 3 days. Additionally, a Realtor cannot market themselves on a listing. So this means you get clean data without a bunch of ads in your face when looking at Phoenix real estate.

Furthermore, there is one other major difference using ARMLS to search for Phoenix homes, generally you will see many of the same properties on Zillow, Realtor, Redfin and other third party sites, but what you won’t see is “Coming Soon” listings that are in the MLS. These listings are not syndicated out.  Basically, you can access the “Coming Soon” properties by creating a portal account and logging in or joining a subscription through us. You won’t see them on any of the third party sites.

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