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How to Value Horse Property

Finding the value of your horse property is not easy! Valuing Horse Property is completely different than a single family home. When someone is looking for a horse property with specific setups, such as shade, arena, fenced, cross-fenced, and they want a horse setup, they may not look in a specific neighborhood. They must broaden their search. This is why when it comes to appraisals many agents have not only a hard time pricing horse property, they have a hard time getting them to appraise.

Horse Property Appraisal Packet

When you list your horse property with us, we make a complete appraisal packet for the appraiser. Appraisers have a difficult job and it takes a lot of time and energy to research everything that goes into a horse property. For the money they make it is often not feasible that they put in hours of time and their work-load may not allow. To make their job easier we compile comparable properties, community information, unique features of your property and all upgrades you have done since you purchased the home. This is where we need your help. We will ask you for anything you know not only about your home but about the community. Some of the following things can be helpful in creating this appraisal packet:

  • HOA restrictions and rules
  • Access to Horseback Riding and Trailheads
  • Water Rights, community well information and shared well information
  • Irrigation Company and pricing as well as signup process
  • Proximity to Public Arenas and Stables
  • Upgrades to your Home (no matter how small)
  • Shared agreements with your neighbors (wells, roads, etc)

Creating the Horse Property Appraisal Packet

Once we have the items we can create the appraisal packet for your neighborhood. Most agents are not aware that you can go out several miles to find a like property if there are none available. It doesn’t have to be in your neighborhood or even within a mile. This is where you will value our skills in the horse property arena.

Making Your Home Worth More

Although often time we can push the price, we still must justify the price with an appraisal that is recognized by the lender. This means we cannot do a replacement value of your property and expect it to fly. Lenders require a comparable market analysis approach so those are the boundaries we must operate within.

For more information on appraisal packets when selling your horse property or your home, please contact us at 480-577-8272





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