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Flood Irrigation

FAQ about Flood Irrigation in Arizona

Frequently, clients will ask questions about Flood Irrigation in Arizona and how it is associated with AZ Horse Property.

✔️ How does it work?
✔️ What is it?
✔️ Where do they get the water?
✔️ Who provides the water?
✔️ Is it expensive?
✔️ How often does it have to be done?

We have taken these common questions and given the answers so you don’t have to be Flood Irrigation ignorant like I was when I moved here! Flood irrigation was not something I had a clue about when I moved to the Phoenix area from Nebraska in 1987. Even when it was explained to me, I had difficulty understanding. It just didn’t make sense why anyone would use flood irrigation to water their yard. The beauty of my 20’s. I would love to go back ONLY if I could take the brain I have now with me!

How does Flood Irrigation Work for Horse Property?

Water in the Arizona desert is precious. Arizona water is expensive because it is scarce. If you want to water a large area of ground and grow grass, you have to either pay the high prices or you will have dirt and dust. Unless your property has access to Flood irrigation. Not all homes are equipped with flood irrigation. Many have a desert landscape. Much of the Phoenix Valley was farmed in the 1950s and earlier. Though there are still farms today, they are being gobbled up by developers. Flood irrigation was an inexpensive way to water farmland and citrus groves.

What is Flood Irrigation in AZ?

I also didn’t know anything about AZ horse property when I moved here in the ’80s. I remember looking around at not only AZ horse property but single-family homes in Phoenix and seeing two inches of water in every yard. I thought it had rained really hard, I didn’t realize this is how Arizona water is distributed for homeowners to water large areas of ground. I thought it must have rained really hard and they had flooding. I had never even heard the term, flood irrigation. I didn’t understand why Arizona water didn’t soak in faster either! I had so many questions. I lived in a small house on a big lot and I had a little dog. I thought it would be a great idea to water my yard with flood irrigation and then they said I might have to get up at 3:00 AM and water my lawn…that ended my flood irrigation ventures. So if this scares you, read on and I will explain everything you will want to know about flood irrigation and Arizona water…as associated with AZ horse property.

Where do they get the Water for Flood Irrigation?

The water for Flood Irrigation comes from the high country through a series of canals, lakes, dams, ditches, laterals, pipes and valves. SRP has a great page that explains where they get the water.

Fast forward 25 years and now I get it. So don’t feel bad if you are my age or even older and you still know nothing about flood irrigation and AZ horse property in and around the Phoenix area. Flood irrigation is fairly unique to the Phoenix area and was set up and designed originally by the Indians to water crops. It is all delivered by gravity. We still use the Indians same ditches today to deliver the water to AZ horse property and in some areas, single-family homes, throughout the Phoenix area Valley.

Who Provides Flood Irrigation for my AZ Horse Property?

The city of Phoenix has various providers of flood irrigation. SRP provides water to parts of the Valley and Roosevelt Water District provides flood irrigation to East Valley property owners. There are also various providers that are private companies that supply pockets of AZ horse property with irrigation. Some of the private companies are in alignment as far as price goes and some are very high so it is imperative that you check to make sure you know how much it will cost you to water each month prior to placing your AZ horse property under contract.

How Often do I Flood Irrigate my AZ Horse Property?

In the summer months you will most likely flood your horse property twice monthly. You sign up for water in advance and then your irrigation provider will give you a time when your water will be delivered to your property. Your property will have an irrigation port if you have flood irrigation. Typically they are located at the back of your horse property. Some are underground and some are in ditches behind or sometimes in front of your property. Water only flows in these ditches during the time of irrigation and the rest of the time they are empty.

For more information on Flood Irrigation in the Phoenix Metro Area or for questions about AZ Horse Property, call Michelle Shelton at 480-577-8272


Michelle Shelton

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