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Am I Ready to Be a Homeowner?

Buying your first home can be frightening. I personally love alleviating the stress of that process. My own children are now grown and I have helped many of their friends buy homes and it is a super fun. Education empowers first time homebuyers to take ownership of the entire process. Lack of education or understanding is dangerous. Schedule your first time homebuyer workshop on Zoom Now >>>

Is Renting or Buying Better?

When you rent a home you are already paying a mortgage, it just isn’t yours. When you have a mortgage, you have a fixed amount due each month with no possibility of the “rent” going up. You are much more in control and you are making money over time as the market changes and home prices go up. The equity in your home is like a savings account so not only are you saving on your mortgage, you are earning money through equity.

Are horse properties worth more?

The short answer is yes. In Arizona, the right agent sees things other REALTORS do not. They understand that owning land is very desirable to many people and all the land is getting gobbled up by developers. Many people want a slice of the country in the city. This makes horse properties more desirable and in turn, worth more.

What Do I Look for in a realtor?

Many people think a great Realtor finds you a home. Though this may be part of the process, Realtors do not hide homes from anyone. It used to be much harder to find the right one and a great Realtor would bird dog it to find you a home. Those days are gone. A great Realtor has many skills. To mention a few, contractual guidance, confidentiality, loyalty, reasonable care, accounting, managing emotions. Primarly, a great Realtor is someone who wards off problems through experience and also who guides you to make informed decisions throughout the process. 

Do I Need a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a great purchase when you buy a home. It typically offers one year of coverage with the option to renew and there is a set price if you need a repair. An example would be your AC quits working and you call and pay $75.00 for the service call and the repair would be covered under your plan. 

Who pays for the home warranty?

A home warranty is negotiable between buyer and seller. In a sellers market, the buyer may have to pay for their own home warranty. 

What is an escalation clause

An escalation clause is a clause added to the residential purchase offer saying you will escalate your offer by a specific amount above other offers. It may be capped at a specific amount so you don’t have to go higher than you are comfortable with on a home.

How do i maintain a septic tank?

Septic maintenance is pretty simple if you use a few simple rules. Do not put anything down that could cause a clog. Example, women’s feminine products such as pads or tampons. It is not recommended you use non-flushable wipes and even flushable wipes may want to be avoided. Bleach and harsh chemicals should be avoided as they can disrupt the natural “good” flora needed for septic health. You may also want to add products such as Rid X to your septic monthly and do not plant trees or drive on the ground where your septic tank or leach line is located. Watch Michelle on Video talking about Septic tanks >>>

What is an onsite wastewater addendum?

Your real estate agent may have asked you to sign an Onsite Wastewater Addendum with your Arizona Offer to Purchase. In Arizona, if the property you are buying has a septic tank, your offer includes an On-Site Wastewater Addendum. This addendum outlines when your septic has to be pumped, who pays if there is something wrong and when documents are to be completed and delivered to the buyer. 

Does Seller have to fix a bad septic?

In Arizona, your offer includes an On-Site Wastewater Addendum. This addendum outlines what happens when something is wrong with the septic. It also, by default, gives the seller 20 days after contract acceptance to pump and certified all septic tanks located on the property. If repairs are required according to this certification, the seller must pay up to 1% of the sales price to repair. 

What if septic repairs go over 1%?

If you are selling your home in Arizona and you have a septic that needs repairs, contractually you are responsible up to 1% of the sales price. If it goes over that, it is negotatable between buyer and seller. 

Can you have chickens in Chandler, AZ?

The city of Chandler has an ordinance that there are no chickens allowed in the city limits. However, if you live on a Maricopa County Island, this ordinance does not apply.

How do I get a Home Loan?

When you work with a reputable, skilled Realtor, they will have lenders they trust and work closely with that will be able to help you. It is good to work with a trusted advisor because they will want to do a great job for a Realtor they work closely with.

What is an appraisal waiver?

Is a strong sellers market, a buyer may consider waiving the appraisal. This does not mean an appraisal will not be required by the lender when the time comes, it simply means if the appraisal is low, you, the buyer, will have to fill the gap between the appraised value and your contract price with out of pocket funds. 

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