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Do you need to Sell your AZ Horse Property?

Please watch the video below if you are thinking of selling your AZ horse property and please know we highly value the opportunity to earn your business. To interview our Marketing Specialist and Team Leader, Michelle Shelton, call 480-577-8272.

When you select a REALTOR® to market and sell your home, you might want to consider the knowledge they have about horse property. If they don’t walk your entire property when they interview with you, that is a clue that they don’t see the value of your land. Each horse property in the Phoenix area tends to be unique and many are custom homes that are difficult to price and difficult to get an appraisal. One highly valuable thing we do is create an appraisal packet to support the appraiser in doing their job and it will support the list price. This will include information about irrigation, zoning, equine resources as well as community information. It is not easy to price a horse property and we are pretty darn good at it! Appraisers love this as they have a difficult job and are all over the Valley looking at different types of properties. I want to make their job as easy as possible and justify the price using information that can be verified by them.

Single Family Homes for Sale in Arizona

Our area of expertise is in selling homes in Arizona. We don’t want you to think because we do sell a lot of horse property in Arizona that we don’t sell any single family homes. As a matter of fact, we sell nearly as many single family homes as we do horse property. Why? Often our sellers are either selling their single family home and buying horse property or they are selling their horse property and downsizing to a smaller single family home. Changes in life determine a lot and you can rest assured that we can sell any type of real estate in the Phoenix area. If it is something we don’t have expertise on or don’t feel we are qualified, we will be the first to tell you and refer you to another agent.

Moving to Arizona from another state?

Each year the Phoenix Valley grows by 90,000 new residents. That is a lot of homes! If you are moving here from another state, you may want to have the tour of the Valley. We don’t do this with everyone, however, if you have never been here and are not sure of the area you want to live, the tour can be a great way to get to know the Valley. The other thing we can do is find you an agent in your area to help you sell your current home. The value of this is, we call and interview agents for you and find you the most qualified agent. If you want to interview several agents we can make that process easy and weed them down to the best. This can save you time and energy.

AZ Horse Properties are  not Cookie Cutter Properties

Every seller thinks their home is unique and the cool thing is when it comes to horse property, they are right! Of course this doesn’t mean we can get you a million bucks for your home when your neighbors are selling for half that, what it does mean is, you need someone who has experience pricing AZ horse property. When buyers are looking for AZ horse property, they don’t expect a cookie cutter home. Marketing your home and it’s unique features is what we do best.

When you list with us, you will find we offer a comprehensive marketing plan geared toward horse property owners as well as potential buyers that may not be equine lovers and are simply looking for acreage. We don’t limit our marketing to just horse property buyers, we expand our marketing to include horse property buyers. Your home will go out to over 1,000 online marketing real estate marketing sources. This includes all the big real estate sites and hundreds of little ones and this takes place through a process of syndication. We also advertise our AZ horse property listings in several equine magazines in print version and online.

 Negotiations on AZ Horse Property

Followup and negotiations are a strong part of what your real estate team should do when selling AZ horse property. As a Certified Negotiations Expert, Michelle Shelton, has solid negotiation skills and grew up in a family business and covered all aspects of that business from marketing and sales to communication with our customers and employees. Arizona Real Estate transactions can be stressful and selling AZ horse property is not different, we do our best to offer you a seamless transaction with as few bumps in the road as possible. When there are bumps we go into solutions mode and that is where experience comes into play.

Home Buyers – Your Search for AZ Horse Property begins here!

Searching for a home has never been easier. Although, it can get confusing and how do you know what site to register on and what site not to? Do you ever feel like you need a guide to get you through all the twists and turns in finding your next home? After talking to agent after agent, do you feel they are either too pushy and commission motivated or never shut up? I think we have all experienced a bad salesperson and it is easy to become tainted by the experience. With Michelle Shelton and her team, you will find an entirely different experience.

Fun – We like to work hard and play hard. Looking for your next home can be stressful or it can be fun and we choose to make it as much fun as we can. The reason we have our website setup this way is so people can see that real estate, though serious business, can be fun and educational at the same time.

Education – We have found that when clients have a low level of knowledge about their real estate transaction, they tend to have a high level of anxiety. This is why we choose to highly educate our clients every step of the way and reduce that anxiety and partner with our clients.

Communication – “I am a high communicator, great for my clients, not so great for my husband!” – Michelle Shelton. Knowing what is going on and having someone guide you through the process is a lost art these days. We will walk you through the entire offer before you sign it so you know exactly what you are getting into before you get into it! Then we keep you updated along the way so nothing is lost in the process.

Follow-up – Following up with other agents and vendors is of utmost importance. Also, if you are expecting a call from us and don’t, you will know something is seriously wrong!

Return Phone Calls – Have you ever called someone several times and not heard back? Yeah. Me too. It is not fun and not the experience we want our clients to have. Returning phone calls is high on our priority list.

Negotiations – If you get the opportunity to watch some of our client testimonials, you will see that Michelle’s solid leadership of her team and strong negotiation skills are one huge thing that sets her apart. She works magic where others can’t.

Watch Michelle’s video below for more information about buying an AZ horse property or single family home with us.

Arizona Horse Property is Not the Same as Midwest Acreages!

We often get calls from folks in the Midwest that are looking to get out of the horrible snow storms. I know how that is as I moved here in 1987 from Nebraska and never wanted to go back! Everything is different in Arizona and even more so with AZ horse property. Horses are often kept on much smaller acreage in Arizona than they are in the Midwest. As a matter of fact the majority of horse properties are on just over one acre of land. In Maricopa County you can have three horses per acre. They are very forgiving as long as you take care of your horses but we always want to stay within the parameters of the law on zoning.

Powerful Search Tools for AZ Horse Property Buyers

The first step to finding you the perfect home is to begin to narrow your search by area and what you want. You can easily do this when you register for access to the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing System. This is the System we use as agents and it ROCKS! You will quickly learn that there are many equine areas in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. As a matter of fact there are pockets of horse property called County Islands. These County Islands are governed by Maricopa County and not the city. This can make for cheaper taxes and different zoning laws and less government control. It also means less services than the city provides so there is a trade off.

Knowledge is King! Addressing Unique Problems with AZ Horse Property

Of course there is no way we can know everything that may pop up during your real estate transaction when you are buying AZ horse property, we do have longevity and experience to ward off most problems you might come across. In other words, this is not our first rodeo. There are so many issues that can come up when buying a horse property in Arizona. Everything from water issues, irrigation, zoning, setbacks, wells, shared wells, fissures, flood zoning, water rights and septic issues. We have had clouds on the title and stories about nightmare deals that we were able to overcome…all worked out fine. You are dealing with a team of true professionals and we are looking out for your best interest. Point being, you don’t need to be afraid, this is what we do all the time in real estate and you can rest assured that our problem solving skills are tight.

Not Everyone Wants a Horse! They still might want AZ Horse Property!

Not all of our clients have horses or want horses. Many of our clients want elbow room, small livestock such as goats and chickens or some simply want the country life with very little intervention from outside sources. We help a lot of clients who simply want a larger lot with no HOA and don’t even care if it is AZ horse property. We can help anyone looking to buy and sell real estate. We even have a referral system setup if you have property in another state to sell or have relatives that need help finding an agent in another area of town or expertise. Do not hesitate to call and we can help!

Our search tool is setup to filter homes according to the horse property zoning, however, you can build up to 942 searches of all types if you like. Everything from the highest end luxury home to rentals and timeshares. We do not restrict any of the search capabilities on our site. You will be using the same system when you search that we use as REALTORS®. You will have full access to mapping, search by map, public comments, community information and you can share and discuss properties on various social media. You can also build and save custom searches to save time when looking. You will be notified of new AZ horse property listings that come available and match your unique criteria. This search tool is absolutely AMAZING!! You won’t be disappointed.

We are available to help you use the search tool to find your next home. If you feel intimidated by it, don’t! Call 480-577-8272 and I will teach you how to use it.

How does Searching for AZ Horse Property work on this site?

It’s easy and it’s free! You can search the entire Multiple Listing System (MLS) and see every single piece of real estate listed in the Phoenix area. When you register the system does send out a funky password, if you give us a quick call me will change it to something easy for you and then you are in the drivers seat on your search. We are happy to provide training and though the system is extensive there is no need to be afraid of it as you can’t break it and if you happen to be the exception, we can fix it!

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